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Core Values

There are a few core values that instruct everything we do at Amber Gordon, Attorney at Law.  You deserve to know them.

  1. Each client is an individual.. When you are accused of a crime, you suddenly find yourself addressed as "client," defendant," or by your last name only.  The system feels like it's dehumanizing you.  Here, you are treated as a real, live person.  You deserve as much respect as anyone else.  I am absolutely committed to bringing humanity back to the legal profession.  I carefully select the number of cases I take at any given time because my clients deserve as much attention as they need.  You will not be a number.
  2. Each client is a crucial member of his or her defense team.  You are your own best defense.  Only you can bring your team into your life, show them what was happening to you when you became accused or on the date of the alleged offense.  You best know the players, the context, and the subtleties of that day.  For this reason, I ask my clients to take an active role in their own defense, to work side by side with me, and to own their case.
  3. We work with the best experts available.  Nobody knows everything.  I keep myself updated on experts in a number of fields.  It's important that the jury be able to understand the issues in your case, so I find people who are just as relatable as they are knowledgeable.
  4. While no one should ever guarantee a result, I guarantee that I will fight my hardest for each and every client.