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Amber Gordon has always been dedicated to criminal defense.  She has represented numerous people through the criminal justice system who were accused of offenses including catalytic converter theft, domestic violence, torture, police shootings, robbery, narcotics trafficking, and homicide.  Ms. Gordon has dedicated herself to studying the intricacies of California's STEP ACT and gang crimes and has worked with some of the state's top experts in gang and organized crime allegations.

In addition to membership in the California State Bar and the California State Bar Criminal Law section, Ms. Gordon also a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Beverly Hills Bar Association, the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, Women Lawyers of Los Angeles, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the California Public Defender's Association, and Lawyers of Distinction.

Ms. Gordon studied both political science and psychology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts and later at the University of San Diego, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in both.  Ms. Gordon's studies focused on argument, story-telling, cognitive psychology (which includes the study of unreliability of eye-witness testimony, the fallacies of light-bulb memories, the intricacies of memory, and perception.). She conducted independent research on the effects of race in jury decision-making, particularly as it applied to application of the felony-murder rule and imposition of death sentences at both Clark University, a private liberal arts college in Massachusetts, and at the University of San Diego, a Catholic University in San Diego, California.

At McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California, Ms. Gordon focused on criminal law, where she graduated with a certificate in Criminal Law in May 2010 and the Capital Commendation for Public Service as a result of her work interning with various Public Defender offices and trying cases as a certified law student.  After interning with the Stanislaus County Public Defender's Office in her first year of law school, she became a certified law student and was able to take cases to jury trial as a law student.  Ms. Gordon interned at the Federal Public Defender for the Eastern District of California (2008-2009), the Stanislaus County Public Defender (2008-2010), the San Joaquin Public  Defender (2009) and ultimately did her post-bar internship at the San Diego County Public Defender (2010).  Following passage of the bar exam, Ms. Gordon volunteered as an attorney with the Stanislaus County Public Defender before opening her own firm.